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Business Intelligence

Know more about your finances, customers, suppliers and risks.

The stakes are high. A lack of timely and accurate data can lead to guesswork that jeopardizes customer satisfaction, costs sales opportunities, drives up procurement costs, and compromises financial reporting and regulatory compliance.
In today's hyper-competitive world, business intelligence is a business imperative and the foundation of performance management. It's an essential front in the effort to know more about your finances, customers, suppliers and risks.
Business intelligence equips your organization's decision-makers with powerful tools for analyzing and reporting on data sets integrated from heterogeneous systems. It provides you with the capability to drill down into essential financial, customer, product, sales and supply chain information to make and support both tactical and strategic business decisions that boost your bottom line.
We provide a complete range of BI capabilities: reporting, analysis, score carding, dashboards, business event management as well.
Our BI solutions are applied across most Industries like Banking, Education, Defense, Government, Hospitality and Entertainment, Insurance, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Supply Chain, Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences, Retail, Small and Mid-sized Businesses.
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Enterprise Performance Management

Enhance your business performance by turning data into insight

Ongoing strategic planning keeps successful companies at the top. But strategy, no matter how well-defined, does not deliver value until it's deployed.
Improving business strategy across an organization requires the continuous analysis of operational detail, assessment and management of risk, and refinement of metrics.
Our Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution offering provides:
Focused attention on global performance improvement - from products to distribution channels, organizational units to IT platforms, our solution accounts for and assesses performance across the enterprise.
Visible operational insight - Access the data you need to make informed decisions, including timely performance metrics, cycle and data consolidation details, and security and audit trails.
Improved performance and profitability - streamline every level of your organization with targeted performance evaluations that zero in on your strategic goals-and your bottom line.
This award-winning corporate performance management software solution includes:
Business Process Applications - use Strategic Management, Planning and Budgeting, Forecasting, Financial Consolidation, and Financial Reporting to optimize financial management processes across the entire organization.
Expense Management - centralize control of employee spending, enforce policy compliance, and streamline administrative tasks to save money, reduce risk, and improve productivity.
Business Specific Analytics - use pre-built analytic applications that integrate easily with your existing enterprise applications to present actionable information for specific industries and business functions.
Enterprise Planning - This finance-managed solution provides real-time visibility into resource requirements and future business results. It supports best practices such as driver-based planning and rolling forecasts, and serves as the cornerstone for enterprise-wide performance management.
For organizations looking to improve both operational and financial planning, Enterprise Planning provides unprecedented power and flexibility to turn sophisticated strategy into discrete plans, budgets, and forecasts.
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Customer Relationship Management

Improve satisfaction and retention to drive profitability

As businesses increase their reliance on technology and outsourcing, the customer relationship, always delicate, is eroding. How can you drive customer growth, retention and loyalty while sustaining cost efficiencies and promoting profitability?
To effectively manage customer relationships, you need an approach that encompasses enterprise strategy, flexible data management, effective customer analysis and segmentation, and positive service operations to attract new customers and increase revenue from existing ones.
Leading customer-focused companies view every customer interaction as an opportunity to make a new offer, improve retention, increase revenue, build loyalty, or strengthen their brand. With our advanced CRM solutions, you can make the most of every interaction with every customer across every channel or touch point. As a result, you gain true customer insight, along with the ability to act on that insight.
Kuwait Computer Services CRM consulting capabilities help you acquire,understand and serve your customers effectively. We can strengthen marketing and sales effectiveness in order to retain and build your customer base. We help you focus on increasing consistent, high-satisfaction customer experiences across multiple channels, so you can discover new opportunities to provide value and increase profitability.
To manage the customer experience effectively, you need to develop and deploy strategies that both grow and serve your customer base. Our CRM Solution framework addressing key components such as Marketing, Sales and Service can help:
Run campaigns that align with your customers' preferences
Tightly integrate marketing across all inbound and outbound channels
Drive customer value
Identify customer segments and align them with products and services
Focus the entire organization on the customer experience
Improve service quality through greater transparency and accountability
Turn contact centers into profit centers
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Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Make your capital assets perform and manage your assets as a measurable process

Your capital assets need to be actively managed, whether they are real estate assets, industrial assets, production assets or information technology assets.
An effective Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution for monitoring and managing the deployment, performance, and maintenance of company assets may be the single most important tool for preventing operational surprises and uncovering hidden profits.
Kuwait Computer Services EAM solution helps you lay the foundation for a set of well-defined, actionable steps to improve asset maintenance costs and asset value and production efficiency. By effectively identifying, monitoring and managing these assets, you can deliver cost savings, operational efficiency and the potential for innovation.
Our solution helps you:
• Manage and secure valuable industrial, production and information technology assets
• Track and manage maintenance costs
• Increase labor efficiency and reduce overtime
• Manage work order processes to ensure on-time delivery
• Model various scenarios to determine optimum asset levels and drive decision making
• Track information to improve the ability to collect on warranty claims
Explicit management of your company's material assets can provide more efficient operations, a streamlined asset portfolio and improved return on investment. Our EAM solution addresses the areas of:
Maintenance - deploys resources for maximum effectiveness.
Inventory/Warranty - optimize inventory and purchasing to save money.
Uptime - forecast likely failure points and the causes to improve uptime.
Reliability/Risk Management - predict and take action on reliability issues to prevent problems.
Strategic Planning - increase visibilities into asset performance management to better align these resources with corporate goals.
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Financial Management System

Integrate your finance organization to support enterprise goals and improve performance

Organizations are at a crossroads with what to expect from the finance function. While there is value in adding analytical thinking and strategic financial support to all decision making, there is also a demand for accurate and timely financial reporting. How can you prioritize the responsibilities of your finance organization to support growth, transact business and manage risks?
Enterprising finance and accounting organizations help drive company performance by efficiently handling a multitude of daily transactions, sharing valuable information hidden in transactional data, and adapting processes fluidly as business conditions and regulatory environments change.
FMS (Financial Management System) enables companies to integrate and streamline local and multinational financial resource management processes from end to end. By doing so, they achieve a reliable, apples-to-apples view of financial performance across the entire enterprise, as well as the flexibility and control necessary for adapting to the demands of even the most challenging business environment.
FMS corporate multinational financial management solutions help companies to:
• Reduce transaction costs
• Shorten process cycle times
• Achieve data consistency
• Enforce global financial standards and processes
• Improve financial transparency
For many years, financial management solutions have helped organizations leverage the value of their existing financial resource management technology systems and platforms, extending them with the user-friendly features and rich functionality necessary to maximize productivity and performance.
FMS solutions include:
Financial Accounting -general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, inventory, and fixed assets applications.
Project accounting -asset management and project tracking applications.
Expense Management -expense report, travel plan, payment request, and time capture applications
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Human Capital Management (HCM)

Align Your Workforce with Business Goals

As an enterprising company, your most valuable asset is your people. With the right human capital management system, this valuable asset can be leveraged as a powerful source of growth, innovation, competitive advantage, and leadership of the future. Our web-enabled Human Capital Management System helps your company optimize the recruit-to-retire process from start to finish.
Human Capital Management System can help your company:
• Hire, retain, and empower the best people, resulting in improved competitiveness and increased productivity.
• Gain control and visibility into workforce performance, enabling you to make informed business decisions.
• Streamline workforce processes, saving you time and money, while maximizing performance.
• Align your staffing practices with your corporate strategy, while profiting from more efficient and effective global operations.
Our HCM system delivers the capabilities your company needs to manage your human resources environment by featuring three core components: Workforce Management, Workforce Deployment, and Talent Management.

Workforce Management

• Human Resources
• Benefits Administration
• Flexible Spending Accounts
• Compensation
• Payroll

Workforce Deployment

• Employee and Manager Self-Service
• Time and Attendance
• Workforce Portal
• Workforce Performance Management

Talent Management

• Recruitment
• Learning Management
• Employee Performance Management
• Competency Management
• Succession Planning

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Enterprise Single Sign-On
If you are concerned with managing passwords amidst increasing regulatory pressure, rising security threats, and end-user frustration with passwords, an Enterprise Single Sign On (SSO) solution provides your users with easy access to network resources, using a single, secure login at a dedicated or shared workstation. This eliminates the users' burden of remembering multiple passwords and enables your organization to increase security and achieve regulatory compliance while lowering helpdesk costs and improving productivity.
Kuwait Computer Services SSO solutions include:
Single Sign On - Our market leading single sign-on solution that provides users a single, secure login for accessing corporate resources, eliminating frustration and costs associated with remembering multiple complex passwords.
Single Sign On with Strong Authentication - The SSO with strong authentication provides the productivity and cost saving benefits of single sign on with the added security of strong two-factor authentication using smart cards, USB tokens, biometrics or other security methods.
Shared Workstation - Security concerns and regulations have forced many organizations towards the adoption of complex password policies which significantly impede productivity at a shared workstation. A Secure Kiosk application enables instant access to applications on shared workstations without additional password prompts.
With an Enterprise Single Sign-On solution you can benefit from the following:
Capture ROI with reduced help desk support costs (up to 40%), increased productivity (up to 18%), and increased user efficiency (up to 15%) according to leading industry analysts.
Comply with mandates and government regulation for identity, privacy, policy enforcement, audit and authentication services.
Increase productivity and user experience as users need only authenticate once via a secured login, a smart card, USB token or biometric (depending on the desired solution) in order to activate the SSO application to corporate systems and applications. No need to remember or enter multiple passwords.
Enhance security - User passwords are stored securely onto a pin protected smart card or USB token, and in the corporate directory (securely encrypted with the end-users PKI credentials on the device).
Ease of deployment - The SSO leverages an organization's existing sources of identity such as corporate directories and Identity Provisioning systems from Microsoft®, Novell®, SunT, and IBM®.
Future proof - the client software also enables strong authentication for Windows / network login, Linux, VPN / Dial-up, Web Login, as well as data security and digital signature, and supports the widest range of smart cards, readers and USB tokens.
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