Enterprise Application Integration & SOA

Enterprise Application Integration & Enterprise Service Bus

Connect and manage system, application and partner interactions faster

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is aimed at modernizing, consolidating, and coordinating the computer applications in an enterprise. Business-to-Business Integration (B2Bi) crosses organizational boundaries to coordinate the activities and information exchanges that comprise a collaboration to achieve a unit of business or complete a value chain.
The ESB Platform allows you to create a more agile enterprise while maximizing existing IT investments. Based on a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), the ESB platform enables businesses to move quickly to address changing market needs. It uniquely combines proven application integration capabilities, high-speed messaging, support for B2B, legacy applications and event-driven technologies to create the most complete integration infrastructure available.
Kuwait Computer Services has a full range of enterprise application integration (EAI) services for large corporations - from application, data and process integration to middleware, e-services, systems management and legacy integration.
Achieve business results faster with ESB and Integration:
• Create the foundation for your SOA with an enterprise-class ESB.
• Support for open Internet and Web services standards (SOAP, WSDL, WS-I and more).
• Choose from flexible connectivity options to connect to any type of system (JDBC, FTP, JMS, SMTP and more).
• Supports all integration patterns, including service-oriented, event-driven and enterprise application integration.
• Service enable legacy systems, back-end applications and databases using easy to configure adapters.
• Create, compose and orchestrate high value business services from many diverse sources.
• Embrace and extend your existing IT investments.
• Scale your environment for easy integration of systems and information as organization and data volumes grow.
• Secure transactions with standards based encryption and XML security specifications.
• Reduce application and data integration costs throughout SOA by simplifying and accelerating the process.
• Leverage a proven, scalable, reliable and mission-critical platform for your business.
For more information, contact Kuwait Computer Services at eskcs@kcs.com.kw
Business Process Management

Automate your business processes for improved efficiencies and productivity

Business processes include people, content and enterprise applications. Only when this all works together in an integrated environment can you maximize productivity and value chains.
BPM enables an organization to compete on how efficiently their products and services are delivered and how effectively they identify and respond to problems and new opportunities.
Kuwait Computer Services offers a Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) that maximizes cost reductions, provides for growth, manages change, and executes an integrated business strategy. Our BPMS makes it easy for you to understand the possibilities for process improvement, to collaborate on the design of new capabilities and to quickly build out solutions that exceed the expectations of your business, without costly and time-intensive development.
Achieve business results faster with BPMS
• Complete, integrated process platform meets the needs of all process stakeholders and all process types - human-centric, system-centric or document-centric.
• Integrated best-of-breed simulation capabilities allow you to simulate the performance of your process and optimize its resource requirements under real-world conditions, prior to deployment.
• Monitoring and analytics show the operation of your actual process model, in real-time.
• Human workflow can be automated with simple and advanced task routing.
• Task UIs and end-user applications can be built quickly with an integrated composite application framework. WYSIWIG development and a built-in "drag-and-drop" library of 200+ UI controls expedite creation of processes, applications and workflow.
• Business rules management enables users to create, manage and modify rules from their desktop.
• An innovative semantic metadata library facilitates reuse of business services, rules, etc. with rich search capabilities using a common, clear terminology and advanced capabilities for tracking dependencies and investigating impact analysis across process assets.
• Features extensive standards support, including JSR-168, WSRP, BPMN, BPEL, RDF/OWL.
For more information, contact Kuwait Computer Services at eskcs@kcs.com.kw
Business Activity Monitoring
By optimizing business processes your company can also more readily comply with regulations, and quickly respond to changing market dynamics and customer demands. In turn, more efficient processes increase productivity and deliver a competitive edge.
Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) gives the business and IT the actionable insight to identify where the existing errors are occurring so they can address them immediately. More importantly, real-time process analytics provide insight into the best areas to improve.
When addressing process improvement, most vendors would have you model a process first, then measure. With our current Business Activity Monitoring, we enable you to measure first, so you understand how well the business is performing today and where to gain the greatest results in the future.
Process Optimization provides insight into how business processes are performing, what's working well, where there may be bottlenecks, why and what can be improved. Optimize for Process is part of a full-featured Business Process Management Suite, so you can create/build process strategy against business vision (design/model) including defining and tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for people, process and system performance.
Infrastructure Optimization monitors your enterprise IT infrastructure to be sure of each components' performance and identify why and how to make improvements. Tracking KPIs helps to establish trends and provides behavioral-based alerts so you know which systems are operational, understand the appropriate behavior and choose when and how to react to maintain the stability of your infrastructure.
B2B Optimization tracks trading partner interactions to deliver real-time, end-to-end visibility into supply chain performance. By observing all B2B gateway transactions, business analysts can be notified of abnormal behavior to recognize problems and resolve them before they negatively impact business.
For more information, contact Kuwait Computer Services at eskcs@kcs.com.kw
SOA Governance & Lifecycle Management
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Governance is the subset of IT governance. It establishes policies, controls and enforcement mechanisms required for successful SOA adoption. SOA governance was initially applied to just Web services, but today SOA governance spans enterprise architecture and governs a broader set of SOA assets such as processes, business rules and legacy services across the entire implementation lifecycle.
SOA connects service consumers and providers across a lifecycle. The lifecycle often includes external stakeholders such as customers, suppliers and partners giving greater importance to governance to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs), contracts, and customer satisfaction goals. SOA governance helps you
Kuwait Computer Services SOA governance and lifecycle management platform brings structure, scale, and speed to SOA adoption by guiding re-use, automating SOA processes, and simplifying complexities and interdependencies.
You can achieve control and transparency across all SOA assets like services, processes, policy documentation, business rules and tutorials through an effective SOA Registry/Repository .
Our solution helps you govern the SOA lifecycle through a scalable platform that can span design, run and change-time governance requirements, making it easy to synchronize policy enforcement across the SOA lifecycle.
Policies enforcement enables organizations to consistently meet their Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and automate the SOA processes that support their business objectives.
Achieve business results faster with our SOA Governance platform:
• Unique Active PolicyT technology enables automation and synchronization of policy enforcement across the SOA lifecycle ensuring consistent event-driven outcomes.
• Features pre-loaded SOA best-practices to help you design SOA processes and lower project risk.
• Extensible meta-data model molds to your organizational structure allowing for synchronized control among many departments.
• Handles heterogeneous technologies and environments, combining fragmented groups into a single governance context.
• Unified service registry and policy repository allow for unprecedented visibility and consistent enforcement across the full lifecycle.
• Intuitive user interface for lifecycle governance accelerates the roll out of SOA governance processes by reducing training requirements.
• As the system of record for your SOA, we give IT control over its enterprise-wide SOA deployments.
For more information, contact Kuwait Computer Services at eskcs@kcs.com.kw

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